Scenario training made easy

Pilots have flight simulators to practise their jobs. For everyone else, there's Avalanche ST, the simulator for your job, whatever it is.

Award-winning scenario corporate training software

Avalanche ST is a scenario training e-learning platform that simulates any work environment. It allows each employee or team to easily build their own scenarios, and can be used for individual or group training for any role in any industry. Also known as serious games, Avalanche ST brings the benefits of interactive simulation-based training without requiring costly 3D development or programming.

Advanced simulation-based learning platform

Would you like to train multiple software applications at the same time? Or remove your dependency on live systems, "sandpit" systems, or simple click-through software simulations for training? With Avalanche ST's workplace simulation training platform, you can run a separate workplace training instance of your software applications for each scenario. Training simulation software can be pre-populated with starting data, which can change during the scenario. In multi-user scenarios, participants can even collaborate on tasks, just like in real life.

Rapid scenario design and simulation tools

Quickly and easily create scenarios on a timeline using Avalanche ST's intuitive scenario designer. With Avalanche ST, you can also document and prototype your processes. Additionally, these prototypes can be used for simulation based training purposes or to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of new processes.

What makes Avalanche ST unique?

Avalanche ST bridges the gap between instructional content and virtual environments. It allows trainers to easily build their own scenarios in a simulated environment using basic computer skills.


Training can involve multiple people collaborating in different roles. Avalanche ST integrates all aspects of a person's role within a real-time workplace simulation, not just individual tasks.


Avalanche ST has a simulated phone system, SMS system, email system and 2-way radio system, with everything captured for review.


Avalanche ST’s simulated environment can be used for any organisation or role, and can be used for individual or group practical training — on your intranet or the internet.

Software simulations

Software simulations can be completely interactive and offer immediate feedback. They can interact with each other, and be dynamically controlled by the scenario.

Scenario design features

Avalanche ST gives you simple yet powerful tools for rapidly building any type of practical training scenario you can imagine - without specialised programming skills.

Branch Points
Auto Assessment
Conversation Editor

Decide which events happen in the scenario with a simple and powerful condition engine. In a few clicks, you can decide if a customer will call back with a complaint, or you can automatically send a congratulations email when sales revenue for the day exceeds the target. The options are endless.

Side effects

Side effects change aspects of the scenario in response to other actions, like adding a new contact to the phone list when someone calls to introduce themselves. Side effects can also be used when authoring e-Learning content. For example, they can automatically launch software simulation windows or prompt a question only if the user hasn't completed a specific task yet.

Tailored to your industry

Avalanche ST has been developed with your industry in mind. Everything from content through to report templates can be customised by you with a few clicks.


Training for dispatch, scheduling, compliance, communication and more.

Financial & Insurance

Training for customer service, compliance, regulatory requirements, financial market simulation, trading and more.

Public Safety

Training for police, fire, ambulance, emergency services, emergency management, emergency communications centre operations and more.


Training for customer service, call taking, complaint handling, leadership skills training and more.


Collaborative online courses, serious games, e-learning simulations and more.


Training for dispatch, safety, scheduling, compliance, communication and more.


Training for triage, incident response, scheduling, administration and more.

Defense & Security

Training for command & control, disaster response, leadership training, communication and more.


If your question isn't answered below, ask us anything

How is Avalanche ST different from a 3D simulator?

Avalanche ST scenarios play out in a similar way to 3D simulators without the complexity and cost involved in developing 3D scenarios. The simulation is presented to trainees in the form of changes to their work environment - for example the phone rings or an email is received.

What are the system requirements for Avalanche ST?

To build and play scenarios, all you need is a PC with Windows 10 or newer and .NET Framework 4.7.2. If you are interested in the system requirements for Avalanche ST Server, please contact us for an information sheet.

Is Avalanche ST a web-based product?

Avalanche ST requires installing a small application to play scenarios. It doesn't run directly in a web browser, however it does run over the internet if you have Avalanche ST Server.

What support options do I have?

Our subscriptions come with unlimited email support, including software updates while your subscription is active. If you need faster support turnarounds or phone support, ask us about our Enterprise plans.

Can I store scenarios in my current LMS?

Yes. You can upload a scenario link file to your LMS, which can be launched on PCs with Avalanche ST installed.

What types of payment methods are accepted?

We accept VISA, MasterCard or direct bank transfer.

How do I sign up?

Contact us to ask for pricing details or to sign up.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

You can cancel at any time. You will continue to have full access to Avalanche ST until the end of your current billing period.

Who can benefit from using Avalanche ST?

Avalanche ST benefits a wide range of sectors, such as telecommunications, public safety, healthcare, finance, education, and more — ideal for organisations aiming to advance their employee training programs.

What types of training scenarios can be simulated with Avalanche ST?

The platform can simulate diverse scenarios, including customer service, compliance training, emergency responses, and financial simulations, among others.

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